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depan_250PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering was established in 1982, we were actively engaged in construction activities in electrical works in various project in Indonesia. It took a little time. However, within time the company progressed and grew. By 1989, PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering had completed number of medium scale construction jobs, mainly in electrical.

By 1990, the company had consolidated its' position, improved and trained its' man power based on quality systems. The company also achieved experience in works in other disciplines like civil, instrument, air conditioning, piping and equipment erection and maintenance service of transformers and plants.

From 1990 onwards the company activities increased rapidly and it was flooded with orders especially in power plants and high voltage switchyard and in all other disciplines. In 1994, in recognition of it's abilities to executes turnkey jobs, PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering was awarded two GIS substation jobs viz., Super-cash program GIS 150 kV, one in Bangil (Pasuruan) and one in Karang Pilang (Surabaya). The jobs included engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of civil, mechanical as well as electrical. Thereafter, a number of turnkey jobs have been completed.

PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering takes quality systems, procedures, ITP's, etc. seriously and ensure that all jobs are performed as per standard. To this end, we have already established our own quality system to meet specific needs. Furthermore, in 1997, we have been qualified to achieved the ISO as its management standard. Therefore, it gives a boost to the productivity.

In conclusion, the company work task can be categorized into:

  1. Installation and Construction

  2. Maintenance and Repairing

  3. Inspection, Testing and Commissioning

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Company Management

Quality Policy and Quality System

Quality Policy

PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering committed to customer satisfaction by giving the construction services in time and quality, as per standard and meet the customer specifications.


Quality System

Vision and Mission


Become a national scale contractor in engineering, project management and construction, including electrical installation, mechanical and instrument maintenance.



  1. Provide on time and appropriate quality to the customer.
  2. Prioritize customer satisfaction.
  3. Improve ability and skill of human resources associated with organization services.