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Transformer Repair, Maintenance and Oil Filtering

Since 1995, justified by our customer demand on the industrial field, we have developed installation maintenance an dielectrically equipment service unit. It runs especially on the steel mill Industry and other similar industries.

According to our study, power and distribution transformer is one of very essential item within industry power supply process, and they relatively need more frequent maintenance compare to other items. Regular check of each item, e.g. thermometer, alarm contact completeness, cooling fan, bushing, conservator, winding insulation resistance, breakdown voltage, and so forth, will ease to schedule the transformer maintenance. The Breakdown voltage test is one of type test which most simple and could be done directly on the field.

Reconditioning concept with these purifying methods, in addition to theirs economically, they also fulfill the demanded standard that under the technical requirement. It used good high pressure vacuuming and compact filtering method. The method will restore the oil condition until it reaches the standard of JIS C2101, ASTM D1533, and ASTM D2945. Transformer oil Purifying could be preceding when the transformer was working (on load) or it was shutdown (off load).

Special for transformer oil purifying, we use High Vacuum Oil Purifier machine and being supported by experienced technicians. Furthermore they are equipped by complete operation tools. Until now, we had complete service of more than 500 transformers, the big transformer as well as the small one, in Approximately 300 companies around Indonesia, especially in East Java.

  • Transformer oil has to be tested, at least once a year.
  • Transformer oil test being taken according to required standard.
  • Test and survey result decided the necessity of transformer oil filtering.
  • Transformer oil filtering ON-LOAD type has the benefit in the transformer continue productivity compare to OFF-LOAD type.
  • Our warranty of 1 year or free cost treatment.