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Construction and Engineering

PT Mardika Sarana Engineering working experience in years has proven its capability in construction. Especially in a construction project related with the High/Medium voltage apparatus foundation, towers, switchyard, and building. In combination of Civil and Electrical engineering, we are constructing any of the project as swift as possible.

We pursuit in efficiency and perfection in our construction project by keep following the regular standards. All the standard just like Persyaratan Umum Instalasi Listrik/PUIL (General Electrical Installation Requirements), Standar PLN/SPLN (Indonesian Electrical Council Standard), and Standar Konstruksi Jaringan Listrik (Electrical Network Construction Standar). By keeping our competency in following those standards, we are expecting that our work will have better result and longer life span.

Furthermore, we believe in any project we should keep the safety as our main priority. With a higher accident probability in construction project compare to other type of project, we could not afford to create any mistake in processing this project. Therefore, we provide our manpower with the safety knowledge, and station a safety officer (OHSAS) between them.

Our desired in the project completion within due date and maintain the project in good result, has bring us to the final purpose. The purpose of our customer satisfaction guarantee.

PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering regular works include cable laying, cable termination and jointing, etc. with civil works as supporting.