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Testing and Commissioning

We had years of experience in commissioning and testing assistance project.  Furthermore,we often worked with government power companies and private factories. PT. PLN (Persero) Jasa Sertifikasi is our partner in commissioning. After years of experience, PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering start to develop their own Testing and Commissioning working unit.

Supported by qualified and experienced human resources in Commission and Testing field, we had complete some of testing projects in several places. In addition, we achieved Operation Appropriate Certification (Sertifikat Laik Operasi) From PT. PLN (Persero) Jasa Sertifikasi on the projects.

We continuously improve our capabilities to anticipate the technology advance, especially in certainly electric equipments progress. Therefore, our service toward customer will be getting better all the time.

Initiated by testing equipment purchased in 2006, until now we have several testing equipment which are:

  1. ISA, Secondary Current/Voltage Injection, type DRTS6 (Advanced Protection Relay Test Set and Measurement).
  2. ISA, Primary Current Injection, type T3000 (CT-PT test: ratio, polarity, burden, excitation, curve, etc. In additional, Relay test: current, voltage, frequency, phase angle) c/w. Current Booster.
  3. ISA, Battery Load Test, type BTS100 range 0-100 Amp.
  4. ISA, Micro Ohm meter, T3000 high IDC.
  5. OMICRON, CPC100 type, Multi Function Primary Injection tester
  6. OMICRON, CMC356 type, Secondary injection test for protection relay
  7. OMICRON, SFRA type, SFRA test on various winding
  8. OMICRON, TD1 type, Tan Delta or Power Factor test on various winding
  9. VANGUARD INSTRUMENT, Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer (Timing, type CT-3500.
  10. MIDAS 2881, Mobile Insulation Diagnosis & Analyzing System, Dissipation Factor (tan-δ), Power Factor (cos-φ), Short Circuit Impedance & Excitation Curve.
  11. SEBA DYNATRONIC, High Voltage Test Instrument, type HPG70H (AC/DC test set), maximum voltage 50 - 130 kV at 15/50 mA (continuous/short-term current).
  12. ERKA-A36EVS, Regulator Potential Transformer 3 Phase.
  13. HIPOTRONIC, Oil Dielectric Strength Test, type 900D, 90 kV rms.
  14. TOKOGAWA, Insulation Resistance Tester.
  15. KYORITSU, HV Insulation Resistance Tester.
  16. MEGABRASS, Insulation Resistance Tester, type MI20kVe.
  17. GENERAL ELECTRIC, Portable Ground Detector.
  18. YOKOGAWA, Earthing Tester, range 0 - 1.000 ohm.
  19. KYORITSU, Earthing Tester, range 0 - 1.000 ohm.
  20. KYORITSU, Phase Indicator Check, range 110 - 600 V, 50/60 Hz.
  21. HIOKI, Clamp On Power Hi-Tester.
  22. KYORITSU, Digital Clamp Meter.
  23. YOKOGAWA, Analog Multimeter.
  24. FLUKE, Digital Multimeter, type 87 series III.
  25. KYORITSU, Digital Multimeter.