Quality Policy and Quality System

PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering takes quality systems, procedures, ITP's, etc. seriously and ensure that all jobs are performed as per standard. To this end, we have already established our own quality system to meet specific needs. Furthermore, in 1997, we have been qualified to achieved the ISO as its management standard. Therefore, it gives a boost to the productivity..

  • Quality Policy

    PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering committed to customer satisfaction by giving the construction services in time and quality, as per standard and meet the customer specifications.

  • Quality System

    PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering is ISO-9001:2008 accredited company and certified by GLOBAL/UKAS Quality Management System (registration number 7630430150).The company has a full range of quality management procedure for all its activities.The company uses quality procedure for all site construction works in all disciplines of civil, electrical, and instrument works.

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Installation and Construction

PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering working experience in years has proven its capability in construction. Especially in a construction project related with the High/Medium voltage apparatus foundation, towers, switchyard, and building. In combination of Civil and Electrical engineering, we are constructing any of the project as swift as possible.

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Maintenance and Repairing

Since 1995, justified by our customer demand on the industrial field, we have developed installation maintenance an dielectrically equipment service unit. It runs especially on the steel mill Industry and other similar industries.

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Inspection, Testing and Commissioning

We had years of experience in commissioning and testing project assistance. Furthermore, we worked with major companies or electrical equipment factories and especially with PT. PLN (Persero) Jasa Sertifikasi, afterward PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering start to develop their own Testing and Commissioning working unit.

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We Are Experience in Electrical Works

PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering was established in 1982, we were actively engaged in construction activities in electrical works in various project in Indonesia. It took a little time. However, within time the company progressed and grew. By 1989, PT. Mardika Sarana Engineering had completed number of medium scale construction jobs, mainly in electrical.


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